This may seem like a dumb question, but its legitimate. Does anyone here wear boxer-briefs, if so, how are they? Currently I wear plain old boxers for everyday use, briefs for light athletic activities (ie, hiking long distances) and a jock strap for any major activity (sport, lifting, etc). Its the “everyday use” category Im thinking of switching. The boxers are comfortable sometimes, but at other times they are incredibly annoying, as they “ride up” my legs. Since Im a bodybuilder and thus have big legs, they get stuck up there which is awful. So I was thinking about boxer-briefs. Do they have this problem? I seem to remember trying them when I was youger - it seemed they started out great but then got stretched out and “behaved” like normal boxers. Is this the case or have they perchance improved them?

I wear 'em, and I like 'em. They stretch a little, but nothing too dramatic; I think it depends on how high quality you buy (e.g. Fruit of the Loom vs. Structure). On a side note, I can often gauge my quad progress by whether or not the legs feel tighter in my boxer briefs.

They’re WORSE than normal boxers! New or not, those things will ride up your legs and STAY THERE, stuffed right up around your friggin’ pelvis! AND, the elastic at the bottom of each leg of the boxer-briefs can become QUITE uncomfortable and restricting, even if it WERE to stay in the right place – which it doesn’t. Useless, useless, useless.

They are the best. It is the only thing I can wear comfortably. Fruit of the Loom is the best and I have yet to find another brand I like.

They’re great! But some cheap brands suck and ride up. I like Fruit of the Looms which are now called FTL’s to be hip.

they ride up your legs like a mutha

I know several guys that wear them and they just love them. It does depend on the brand as far as how much they stretch and how they fit. My guys all prefer the Calvin Kleins, in the shorter length. They fit more like “boy shorts” fit on girls, i.e., they have about a 1.5" inseam (instead of coming halfway down your thigh) and so any ride-up that may occur doesn’t result in a big wad of fabric in your groin. Also, buy the black ones and wash in cold - if you buy white you’ll have to bleach and wash in hot which causes them to stretch/lose elasticity. And from a chick’s perspective, boxer briefs are a hell of a lot sexier than regular briefs or regular boxers. They conform to your shape and show what you’ve got without being ridiculous looking (think male thong - ugh!).

Got to agree with Karma, the Calvin Klein boxer briefs are so sexy…

I hate to admit it but I like my Calvins. On me, not some other guy. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

I like boxer briefs. They’re comfortable and offer a lot of support for “the boys”. And them women seem to dig them, which is a definite plus.

I like to wear Tommy boxer/briefs in the winter to keep me warmer, it keeps them hanging lower. I also enjoy the snug fit. I have only experienced a little of the riding up the leg with the Tommy’s. It depends how loose my pants fit that day.

mmmmm… boxer briefs

yeah i know the problem. i cannot find boxers at wal-mart that fit my legs. half of my boxers, i just cut a seem in the leg so it would fit, and i have actually found some at the big and tall store with 32 waist, but big, wide legs that i have. and hey sometimes just gotta go commando!!

I thought going commando was reserved for the last day of the semester. Doesn’t doing it more often ruin the novelty?:slight_smile:

How are these things supposed to fit? Am I correct in saying that they are losser than briefs, but tighter than boxers? Thats how these seem to be… Im wearing hanes now, the riding up doesnt seem to bad and at least they dont get stuck. lol. They definitely arent supportive enough for workin out though, Ill stick with my jock for that! =)

oh i cant go commando in jeans or dresspants (to uncomfortable) but, like most of our kind (i assume) i wear sweats/warm up pants as often as possible, and thats when i let the boyz hang free!! (dont you love it when you try on a pair of old jeans and they get stuck halfway up your thighs?!)

I like mine pretty tight. I have not worn briefs since I was in jr. high, so I don’t really even remember how they feel. As a side note. Hanes are the worst brand I have ever tried. I won’t do Calvins - that is just not an option (personal thing - company is too gender mixy). Jim H. - you got to get down to a store that has Fruit of the Loom’s (FTL). These things fit great, don’t stretch out and are much more comfortable. I know Target carries them and maybe Mervyn’s but other than that, I don’t know.

Gotta wear my Calvins. They don’t ride up my ass, they let da boys hang, but still have some support. Plus my girl likes my butt in them.

LOVE the boxer-breifs…My Man gets either Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren and he won’t wear anything else. Damn…just thinking about him in them…

Jason, you wear boxers? Only old men wear boxers!! (LOL).