Boxer/Athlete Cycle Help

Hi there T-Nation. Im needing help as to what to run as im wanting to get more athletic/power and speed, as im wanting to up my endurance/Stamina and speed for boxing. Anybody have a good base cycle i can run? Prev run just Test-E 500mg a week, when i did powerlifting. Thanks!

Height: 5’10
Weight: 87kg
Bf: 15-17%

Low test, EQ, and tbol would make quite a performance stack. But without knowing anything about you it’s hard to say.

How much of test and eq should i run? Was plannig on just 250mg/week not too sure on the EQ. I had a mate who ran eq said he had joint pain, which is what i dont want as a boxer.

If he had joint pain on EQ then the problem was with his training. One of the benefits of boldenone generally is increased collagen synthesis and reduction of joint pain.

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For general endurance enhancement I would second Iron’s suggestion. However if you wanted strength and agression increase without too much extra weight then I would look at masteron (mma fighters seem to love this compound). If you wanted speed and strength increase (with a little agression to boot) then look at winstrol (there is a reason Olympic runners used this until the tests could catch them). Now with any DHT, which mast and winstrol are, you can have joint issues. The joint issues are basically from there not being enough estrogen in your body (a lot of guys run these without any test trying to cut). Estrogen actually has a natural anti inflammatory and pain relief quality to it thus if there is no test to convert then there is no estrogen. So a lot of those achy joints on winstrol are from it not being run correctly with test.

Ultimately the question to answer is do you want to go up a weight class?

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I also do mma and boxing and would second masteron and Eq, you could even try anavar? Winny sucks, I frequently supplement with zma, mucana puriens, aspartic acid and dha, occasionally dhea after a cycle as well.

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