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Box Squats

Just when i think i am honing my squat technique i see that i should be doing “box squats”, what the hell is this. Is it just squating til my ass hits a box, why not do bench squats? Should my feet be spread, like 4 feet, like the hulk i say here on testerone the other week. Enlighten me u heavy squattin’ animals. Thanx for any input.

If you go to the website that i believe was referenced in the article, deepsquatter.com, and check out the archive articles from dave tate and louis simmons all will be explained. dave also takes emails and phone calls. give it a shot. i’ve always found him to be very willing to take the time to help a fellow lifter.

John - the point of box squats is that they allow you to sit very far back as you descend, putting all the emphasis of the exercise on your butt and hams, rather than your quads. Height is up to you - if you don’t have access to a box and want to go low, try using an aerobic step and stack the supports under it to the desired height, assuming your gym has some laying around. Keep in mind that these are for improving your speed and technique for DL and power squats, not necessarily the typical BB/high-bar quad squat.