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box squats

I tried doing box squats today, westside style. I used very light weight and tried to sit as far back on the box as possible, when i sit far enough back that my shins went past perpindicular i couldn’t hardly get up. And i also had trouble sitting back. But i tried to push out my feet and i felt it alot in my hams and hips, but i could hardly get up off the box if i let my shins go past perpindicular and was using weight that wasn’t even 50% of my squat max. But if i let my shins stay at perpindicular or a little less it was much easier to get off the box. And it still felt it greatly in my hips and hams. Does this mean i have week hams and glutes? How far should i sit back on the box?

Do you mean that your ankle joint was actually in front of your knee?

did you use a wide stance? you probably have weak hips I guess.

well I did box squats with 155lbs yesterday, first time - speed style, for sets of 3, box set to below parallel - 1-2 inches, widish stance, shin angle> 90degrees. Sitting on the box for 1-2 secs. It was easy as hell!

Way easier than the full Oly speed squats I normally do - My max is around 345lbs. Guess my hips aren’t that weak after all - who says full oly squats don’t work your hips and hams? :slight_smile:

makes me wonder if I really need to do box squats at all…

I would definitely use more than 155 on box squats. The 50% is off of a meet max and not a full squat max. Get a power squat max and then do some sets with 50% of that. And the sets arent supposed to be hard. The idea is to move it fast. My only hard sets are usually the last two because after only 45 seconds rest between sets you should get quite tired. I got a peak of my hamstrings in the mirror today. I think the answer to your question is yes I should be doing box squats.

Binford-Yes. More than likely if you have trouble sitting back, it is your hams and glutes. Dont forget to get a good arch and drive your head into the bar. That makes a huge difference in leverages.

Also make sure that when you sit all the way back on the box and start to come up that you concentrate on pushing your feet out to the sides and not straight down. Most people who I’ve taught box squats have to be told this many times as the natural tendency is to try and push straight down…what happens if you do this is you either won’t go anywhere or you’ll come up in kind’ve a semi-good morning position. If you do it right as your hips and hams get stronger you’ll be able to sit back and keeping your back straight pop right up off the box with hardly any forward body lean.