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Box Squats

All right, I built the box, 14 inches deep and solid enough to hold the world. Now my question is this: am i supposed to go down until my ass just brushes the box and explode up, or am I actually supposed to sit down on the box (take the tension pretty much out of my legs) and then explode from this “at rest” position? Definitley have found the wide squats a cool change from the hibar squats i was doing but i want to be sure to milk them for all i can. As always, thanx guys.

Yes. Sit down, ie Stop. Don’t actually relax, just take the momentum out of the movement. Now try to get up. Not too easy I can assure you. Have fun. JR

Go to deepsquatter and then to strength online, then to archives and read the articles by Date Tate and Louie Simmons. In a nutshell, you need to sit back butt first, and actually sit on the box, keep your whole body tense, except when you actually sit on the box, relax your hip flexors for a moment, the then explode off the box by driving your head up and pushing OUT with the knees. It will take a bit to get the form down but you will know it when you do.

Focus on driving the head not only up, but BACK when breaking from the box. Doing that really helped my explosion and hamstring recruitment.