Box Squats: On Deadlift Day or Squat Day?

I’m playing around with a few program ideas.
Th basic plan is to train 4-5 days a week.
Day 1 - squats
Day 2 - Bench
Day 3 - Deadlifts
Day 4 - Shoulders (w/ extra bodybuilding work)
Day 5 - Athletic/conditioning day (some sort of circuit training with BW movements/cardio)

But the main question is about Box squats. They’re a good accessory for Deadlifts, but what day should I do them for??


either as a main movement on squat day or as an accessory on DL day

but if you are pulling sumo, and doing box squats after, isn’t that just a waste of time, cause the movement is almost identical?

I’d suggest the deadlift stance box squat on deadlift day. Builds some Great off the ground strength

I do low box squats on deadlift day, narrow stance around hip to shoulder width. They really seem to be helping both my Squat and Deadlift