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Box Squats & Knee Wraps

As an Oly Lifter I’ve never really used knee wraps. I use sleeves. But I’ve been incorporating some box squats into my program & was wondering if, in an effort to use the heaviest weight, it might be beneficial for me to use knee wraps?

My box squat is not quite as high as my Oly style back squat (box squat is around 410 and my back squat is around 450). I just want to be sure I handle as much as possible in the movement and wonder if this may be effective. Thanks.

Personally, using the wraps for a box squat is not necessary.

Since you are essentially getting no “rebound” from doing a box squat correctly, you probably shouldn’t use them.

Tight knee wraps aren’t great for the knees, and should only be incorporated near meet time (imo).