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Box Squats for Legs


Hey there, first time posting over here. Got an issue that I was hoping to poke your minds on a problem I've been having. So for a while now, my hips have been giving out miserably when I squat. It started with just the heavy sets, but now I can't even go down with an empty bar without some pain.

Any ways, been stretching and recovering all I can. Box squats however are wonderful. I feel no pain what so ever and feel I can progress on weights. Just a question though - can I actually build SIZE this way?

I know I can build strength, but what's your take on leg development? Thanks


If Box Squats allow you to train with intensity pain free, then they will be a useful tool in your collection towards leg development.

Also, be sure to try to actually address the cause of your hip pain, whatever that may be.


So does box-squatting allow you to focus on weak points on the bottom of the motion? Specifically, abductors and adductors?


I would see an ortho ASAP.


Box squats can be used to build size, for sure:

But more importantly, like the other guys have said, you need to figure out and address the main issue ASAP. Box squats are a band-aid. There's a much bigger problem if you're unable to squat "regularly" without pain.


as everyone else is saying, see a doctor.

how is your glute strength?


Thanks for the replies. As far as glutes go, I think they were strong at their peak. I tweaked my abck like a mofo and was kinda bed ridden for a few days. I didn't do any lower body movements (squats, deadlifts, etc) for like 2 months. Needless to say my strength has plummeted. It did give me some time to heal the troublesome hips. The pain though did immediately come back, albeit with lower intensity. I suppose I should check it out with a doc.


You should try Active Release Therapy. Fixed all my hip pains from squatting. Only thing is that you'll eventually have to work on both hips. Mine started on one side, got that fixed then the other side started hurting and had to fix that one eventually. Both hips are fine now. Also, foam rolling after every leg session helps.