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Box Squats and Strength Training

Hey Guys,

Just another question I was hoping you could help me with. I’ve just started a strenth phase after doing Meltdown training. I’m currently at 175 lbs. 19% bodyfat. I’m gonna start “massive eating” now I think, and am using low rep sets for my training. I only do about 2 diff. exercises per muscle group, and average about 12 sets per workout. I REALLY need some pointers on how to do a box squat. I think I have the decending part down, but I don’t know if I quite understand the accent. If anyone could help me, that’d be great. Also, I PLAN on starting GVT in like 4 weeks, after my strength training, but Beradi says that you “it wouldn’t be wise” to do a bulking cycle w/ anymore than 33 lbs of bodyfat on your body; what do I do next if not GVT w/ androsol and methoxy? More meltodown? German Body Comp? Help Please…

I would keep on cutting down.
Maybe try renegade training.
Keep doing some intermittent strength stuff but dont do a ‘bulking phase’ youll gain too much fat.
I would do the strength/weightloss training till i got to about 10 percent fat then do some hypertrophy till you get to about 12% and then cut to about 8.
After that your on easy street.
By the way how much did you loose while on Meltdown

this is from dave tate’s website - www.elitefitnesssystems.com/

Box Squat: The benefits of this exercise are numerous. They develop eccentric and concentric power by breaking the eccentric concentric chain. Box squats are a form of overload and isolation. The box squat is the best way to teach proper form on the squat because it is easy to sit way back while pushing your knees out. To take the bar out of the rack, the hands must be evenly placed on the bar. Secure the bar on the back where it feel the most comfortable. To lift the bar out of the rack, one must push evenly with the legs, arch the back, push your ABS out against the belt, and lift the chest up while driving the head back. A high chest will ensure the bar rests as far back as possible. Slide one foot back then the other, to assume a position to squat. Set your feet up in a wide stance position. Point your toes straight ahead or slightly outward. Also keep your elbows pulled under the bar. When one is ready for the decent, make sure to keep the same arched back position. Pull your shoulders together and push your ABS out. To begin the decent push your hips back first. As you sit back push your knees out to the sides to ensure maximum hip involvement. Once one reaches the box, you need to sit on the box and release the hip flexors. Keep the back arched and abs pushed out while driving your knees out to the side… To begin the ascent, push out on the belt, arch the back as much as possible, and drive the head, chest, and shoulders to the rear. If you push with the leg first, your buttocks will raise first, forcing the bar over the knees, as in a good morning, causing stress to the lower back and knees and diminishing the power of the squat.

T-mag has a whole article on box squats by Dave Tate called ‘squatting from head to toe.’ Also, Tate talks about it in many articles here including his TNT series. Check those out.

I lost about 1-2%. I’m sure that if I were more strict on my “Don’t Diet” program, it would have been better. I REALLY need to do a strength program now to get some of my poundages up. Should I NOT do “Massive Eating” then? Have any of you guys had problems gaining weight back in the T-Dawg Diet? What about Fat Fast? I want to know what to do next, as my meltdown training is over. I guess I’ll start my Strength training until otherwise advised. I just don’t know what to do for the caloric requirements. What would happen if I did a strength oriented workout w/ “Don’t Diet” calories?

I think you can do okay w. a strength program with Don’t Diet. That’s what I did for a few weeks before switching to Meltdown for the final push. I utilized squats, hang cleans, power and one-arm snatches, glute-ham raises, reverse hypers, front squats, bent presses etc. Basically most everything Coach D. recommends. Most of them were done for sets of 3-6 reps. I set my cals a bit lower than Don’t Diet simply because I have a very low daily activity level with the exception of my workouts. I would agree w. the others that it would be a mistake to bulk if you’re already 19 percent b.f. Try a Renegade-style program and maybe the rope training on your off-days…I did this as well. While I may cut a bit faster with a higher rep program, I maintain strength significantly better using heavy weights while cutting, and it seems like a lot of people have said the same. I actually got stronger on most all lifts, but my nutrition and supplement program is very good and I think that is a lot of it.