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Box Squats And Full Squats

I was wondering what is a better move for an athlete to work on, box squats or full squats (also known as ass to grass squats)?

They are both good movements. One isn’t necessarily better than the other.


Thanks, for the replys everyone. Another squat question for you guys, is it a good ideal to keep the bar low when doing full squats? Thanks

I would have a hard time doing a full squat with low bar placement.

I would also have a hart time doing a box squat with high bar placement. It can be done, just isn’t as pretty.

Thanks for the reply, I’m just a little confused as of now on what movement to focus on as of now. Thanks

You can do “full” squats on the box. Some think that a box squat means “partial” squat or only to an inch or so below parallel. We squat to all kinds of heights. My boxes are 4.5 inches tall. I built five of them. We use square pads that are about 2 inches thick and 45 lb plates to change box heights. Just set the box height for your full squat depth.

You could also do both a verying rep ranges, for example try parallel box squats for low reps and full free or box squats for 20 reps or “breathing squats”…