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Box Squat

When doing box squats for explosive power should I target the nervous system and do reps of 1-5 or worry about the speed of movement staying fast and using lighter weights?

I’m curious about this too. I want to start using box squats for the first time but don’t know the rep/set/tempo protocols that I should use. Any suggestions??

They are best for working on explosion out of the hole (since you are breaking up the eccentric/concentric). If you use jumpstretch bands and really fire up and back, the hamstrings will get completely fried (use 50-60% for 8-10 sets of 2, rest period 40 sec to a min 15). when you don’t use bands it really becomes more of a drill in keeping tight while on the box (since the weight at that point will be so heavy). There also is much less tension on the hamstrings (at least that’s what I feel). I liked to slightly wave load the sets of 2 and then drop down for a super fast final 3 sets.