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Box Squat

quick question…
is the height of standard “bench” at the gym adequate to be used as a box for box squats or is it to high?

thanx in advance!

its a little high at my gym. But only by 1-2 inches above parallel, its doable.

ya i tried it a while back and it felt to high but i wasnt sure if that was where it was supposed to be?
should the ideal hieght be at parallel? just below?

It really depends on what you’re trying to use the box squat for. I would say from an athletic standpoint and arguably even a muscle gaining standpoint, between parallel and a little above even is more than adequate. If you are using them for powerlifting, than the sky is the limit for how low you can go. Personally, I do them to parallel most of the time and maybe maybe a tad lower.

it depends on how tall you are

too high for me

Well I’m 6’1 and it looks like it’s right at parallel for me.