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Box Squat Vs. Full Squat

I’ve been here for a long time, 2001 in fact. I should know this. I’m wondering, should you be able to box squat more than you regular squat or vice versa? I am pretty sure box squat should be less, but I never do full squats. I box squatted 235lbs tonite for a 5RM, how much more or less should I be able to full squat based on that number?

I think there’s lots of variables there. For me, I know my 1rm on a parallel box with a rack-width stance- totally raw, no wraps, belt, nada- has been 50lbs less than my free squat to parallel. This has been fairly constant over the last two years that I have box squatted. However, the difference in 1RMs is greater for me if I figure in any gear, squat lower or take a narrow stance.