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Box Squat vs Free Squat

If your not a power lifter whats the point of doing free squatting couldn’t just do box squats for athletic purposes.

If you are not a powerlifter what’s the point of doing any squats? Couldn’t you just push a prowler?

No single movement is required. Find the ones that get you to your goals.


Actually doing 1/4 and 1/2 squats has been tested and shown to better improve sprint times and max vertical compared to full squats.

The shorter range of motion is more specific to the joint angles used in those movements.

No one has to squat though.

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New research shows different.


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I’m confused. That’s exactly what I said…

Are you referring to the “No one has to squat” part?

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In Sprint time, decrease is Good.



Very interesting that quarter squatting decreased 40 times. Actually, it’s surprising that squatting in general seems to decrease 40 times. I would not expect that to be the case at all. I wonder why that is

Straight Horsepower!

I think it probably needs to be combined with sprint training. Increased strength could lead to more distance covered per stride while maintaining the same mechanics.

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