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Box Squat vs Boxless Squats

hey guys, so can someone tell me the difference between the two squats other than one has a box you can sit on. ive read some articles whr the authors say that box squats are dangerous and would rather do normal squats vs some trainers like ELITEfts and Defranco (both of whom i respect very much) who seem to greatly support box squats. so can anyone just enlighten me on this?

The box squat is just an exercise, like any other exercise around. For some goals, it’s ideal; for some, it’s just okay; for others, it’s unnecessary. Different coaches will have their own opinions, based on their experience, their own training theories, and their general client base.

The box squat is best when you need/want to squat to a specific depth, whether it’s because you’re recovering from an injury, training for a competition, or some other reason. It’s also a way to address the stretch-shortening cycle and incorporate a deadstop into the movement.

However, you could argue that box squats come with an increased risk of injury since some people new to the exercise will either sit down too hard and too fast, or they’ll see the seated-pause position as a chance to totally relax important muscles while still under the weight.

Thibaudeau had an article where he explained one way to work box squats into a more traditional bodybuilding workout:

Not sure if that cleared anything up, but I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. So, yeah.

o thanks, the article helped clear things up alot. thanks! (: