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Box Squat to Bench? (Above Parallel)


I want to start doing Box Squats,but my gym does not have boxes,just benches.
I did them today fpr the first time with a bench,but it just lets me squat down to slightly above parallel.
Should I quit themor not,since I won't be able to squat down all the way.


You should quit lifting altogether


not an option


you could always build your own box, it's not hard


Box squats to a bench will make you strong. Your below parallel squat will benefit from the high box squats too. If you are tall this may be a good lift for you to incorporate into your training anyway. My advice is to sit back slowly until you touch and then pop up.


Can you stack some 100 or 45 lb plates so they're lower than the bench and squat to those? Or use one of those adjustable step-up aerobics benches?

Would you consider yourself a beginner at the squat? Can you squat ATG > 1.5 times body weight without a belt? If not, I suggest sticking to ATG squats and get volume in. Start with a lighter weight and be sure your form is on. You should be able to progress pretty quick if you train it two times a week.

Just in my own personal experience, I tried squats to bench (around parallel), box-squat style, when I started squatting again and I didn't see any carry-over when I switched to doing ATG squats. I know my form was good too. It may have helped me learn to activate my hamstrings but looking back, I would have been better off just sticking to a lighter weight and going ATG.

Read 10 tips for flawless squatting: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article//10_tips_for_flawless_squattin

Modified 5 x 5 squat program: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article//the_modified_5x5_squat_program




I dont think the trainer working in my gym would allow it,since its your average commercial gym with curlmonkeys and whatnot
also,no aerobics benches

No i wouldnt
yes i can

yeah i read them already,thanks


Ok, then ignore my advice, you know more than I do. :slightly_smiling:


The worst you can do is try it, I've only worked out in one gym that actually had a box, and have never had a trainer complain about stacking up 45s as long as I put them back. If the trainer is adamant about it, consider a new gym where you can do box squats.


Dumb question, what is squat ATG. I have been trying to figure this out for awhile but I cant seem to.


atg means "ass to grass",i.e. squatting down as much as possible


i will look into it,thanks


Why not use an adjustable bench and put it in a decline position?!?


benches are just adjustable to flat and incline


WTF? That's all it means. And here I've been letting my front yard get really long to make it easy to squat my ass down to it. And I really feel like a retard for dragging my weights out onto the front lawn on squat day.

Fuck it, I'm going home to cut my lawn!


Well im using it all the time..the bench in my gym and i believe it should be the same for almost any gym will place you at parralel or just above..but no big deal there ...i think!!

I do my box squat ala Defranco see this link:

I believe those are the pros to use the bench to box squat:(i know a box will be better but..)
-same depth all the time
-easier to learn

and it will avoid you to do one of the most common mistake i see all the time in the gym..the guys who putting weight and more weight on the bar but at the same time his depth get higher and higher...


Nice I totally thought there was some meaning to it.I squat ATG.


why do you want to start box squatting?


There is a beginner section.

Just sayin.