Box Squat Technique

After doing Box Squats, I usually feel the brunt of the soreness in my glutes and quads. According to Louie, this should not be the case as the hammy should be doing most of the work. He’s evern written that most Westside guy’s quads shrink a little from going from full to box squats.

I put the box slightly below my knees when standing erect, could this be too high? Is my trunk coming forward to much off the box?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

are you concetrating on reaching back with your azz? I think your really suppose to sit back. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be too sure. Although…I never really remember having a lot of soreness in my hammies from box squats either. My back used to scream though…I may have been doing them wrong too…who knows. It’s been some time!

You would need to post a vid to tell for sure. I would set the box to where you are at parallel when on it or 1-2 in below (the latter if you don’t use briefs). But you should come up not forward. I find this easier to do if you concentrate on arching hard as you come up and driving your head into the bar.

sit back further. like an rdl

You are probably leaning forward when you come off the box. You should really try to minimize any forward lean. It’s a weird feeling, but you’ll be able to tell you’re doing it right when it feels like you are pulling yourself up. You might try a slightly wider stance if yours is on the narrow side.

Thanks guys, I tried, driving my head into the bar last night and it really worked.

One of the things that helped me out a lot on box squats was to make sure my shoulders moved first, when I came off of the box. Not my but first .
Good luck

Also make sure you are pushing you knees out as you come up so that your hips and glutes are used to a greater extent. It should feel almost as if you are flexing your hips and glutes to come off the box rather than pushing your feet into the ground.