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Box Squat Stance


I've read/heard that when doing box squats, you should take a wider then normal stance. I know that the box squat is suppose to be more of a p-chain movement so maybe a wide stance has something to do with that. However, I was wondering if I could use my normal stance for box squats.

Would the emphasis change? My stance is a little wider then shoulder width apart. I can sit back more with my legs wider, but I still feel like I need to sit back more with my normal stance instead of sitting down because when I squat, I can't seem to stay upright. I have more forward lean then people that I've seen on instructional vids I've seen.

Also, in the program I'm doing, I do back squats 4-5x1-6. Should I stick with this rep scheme or do 10x2? And what percent of my max squat should I use. I've read a person should use 50-60% but I feel like I'd just train for speed with that. I feel like I should use between 85-100% of my squat. I know I can't do 100% of my back squat, but I just mean I need to use heavier loads then 60%. Any thoughts?


I always box squated with a normal stance.

IMO you might be overanalyzing a bit...just lift!




I don't go so wide, just a little past shoulder width. I'll bend my knees a little towards my toes but not a lot.


So you should still be able to barely see the tip of your toes while squatting right? I think my squat form has gotten better because I've learned that squatting like that took all the pressure off of my knees as opposed to squatting with my knees completely in front of my toes.


Use whichever stance fits the goals you’re using the box squat for. Personally, I tend to use my regular squat stance (shoulder width-ish).

For reps and load, as above. That will be determined by what you want to get out of box squatting.