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Box Squat Questions

I’ve only been lifting for about a month and a half. I tried box squats for the first time yesterday. Well, I can box squat as much as I back squat. What does this say about where my weaknesses are hammies, quads, glutes, lower back?

Also,what mental cues or what sort of feeling should I be going for to improve my back squat? I was under the impression most people can back squat more than they can box squat. Thank you in advance for any input.

Most people can Squat more than they can box squat due to the fact that the Stretch Shortening cycle (SSC) that occurs in a normal squat is illiminated when performing a box squat.

Ques I use for squating:

-SATY TIGHT! contract every single F-ing muscle in your body.
-Keep weight on heels.
-Always look up. (you’ll go where your looking)
-hold breth (consentric phase) when squating heavy. Creates more internal pressure.

those are the major ones I think about while squating.

Look at the Dan John PT thread for today, it has his squat notes from the Boot Camp in it.