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Box Squat Question


I'm using Defranco's WSFSB routine, but want to add another lower body day and make it box squats.

Where should I go to find out how to box squat properly? And is it alright to do without a training partner?

Oh, and would a milk crate work for the box?




Do a search for any Dave Tate squatting article.


No, a milk crate would not work. I'm skeptical on the usefulness of box squats. Most coaches dont use them, i tried them a few times but didnt get much out of them. Are you training for a sport?


You might want to keep the upper body workout and first leg day as featured in the original template by Joe DeFranco, but add a second leg day like "Designer Athletes" with a slightly reduced intensity. For example, if you did a deadlift or similar exercise on ME day then to a squat for repetitions with some assistance work on the next day. It has worked VERY well for me, more than I would have ever thought so (50 lbs to my max Zercher squat in about a month, 240-290). For example, I would do a Zercher squat/pull, which focuses on the posterior chain/hip area on my ME day, then do 5 x 10 Olympic squats on the next lower body day with some higher-rep assistancec work (8 reps+).


If your truly drug free I highly doubt youd be able to do another ME leg workout in the same week as the one you just did. If so, you needed to go harder in it.

Box squats are key for bringing up squat numbers for sure. Many people seem to do them wrong which could lead to injury and lack of gains.

Read the stuff by defranco and tate. I do them without a spotter but set-up the rack so that if im going to fail I can just fall forward and the saftey bars will catch it.




If you are skeptical about Box Squats you are probably doing them wrong becasue ever since I started do them and got my FORM down my glute and hamstring strength went through the roof.

Most coaches are dumbasses!


Thanks for all the help.

I'm just training to get bigger and stronger. I am not an athlete. I just lift to look good nekid. Wasn't sure if box squats would be the next step, or just keep doing ATG squats.




Are you calling Mike Boyle, Mark Verstegen and others dumbasses?