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Box Squat form =/= Olympic Squat?


Should I use box squat form and technique for my olympic squat? Or is that more so for the powerlifting squat?

Oly squat and box squat seem incompatible, as box squat teaches rear more backwards, with the tibia perpendicular to the floor, whereas olympic squat should have the knees/tibia going forward and spine almost straight up resulting in more of a quad-heavy load.


High-Bar Squats to full depth only.


Box squats taught me to sit back when I squatted, they taught me to keep the weight and power in my heels, and posterior chain. Where the bar sits on my back is irrelevant, and personal preference. You could box squat with the bar high on your back, but they wouldn't be Oly squats. To me Oly squats are performed by going deeper, keeping your torso more erect, and keeping the weight on the balls of your feet, making them more quad dominate. Again I think the bar position is irrelevant, although the higher the bar, the easier it is to stay erect. For me, I can't see doing true Oly squats with a box. If you wanted to do box squats, but preferred the bar sitting high on your back. I think that would work fine. Ha, I just realized that you didn't call them high bar squats, Voodo did, so the answer is no. wow


Soo.... that's a no-go on the box squat form, then?


Ah, great! Thanks!


I wouldn't ever box squat if your goal is to snatch and clean and jerk big weights.
For weightlifting its imperative you squat to full depth, a low bar makes this more difficult, due to the load on your upper body. Though it's not necessarily wrong.

If you're asking whether to sit back, or to sit down first in your squat, the answer is personal preference.
As long as you reach the bottom position and are strong there it doesn't really matter if you break at your knees or your hips first.

Does that help?


I believe the answer the Chinese coaches would give goes like this:

If box squatting puts 20 Kg's on your C&J and snatch.....then by all means box squat brother.

Of course if it doesn't......then its a complete waste of your time eh?



instead of box squats do pause squats to full depth.


I think it comes down to coaching cues working or not working if we are teaching only the olympic style squat.

Some people if you tell them to sit down just can't load their hams and glutes for shit and just slide forward. Others if you tell them to sit back will turn the squat into a borderline good morning (without meaning to purposefully as a powerlifter might, I mean).

Obviously whichever it is, the knees should still be pushed out.

To whomever said the the weight in an olympic squat was on the balls of your feet, that is definitely incorrect. Could be slightly more forward than the wide box squat, but balance point is still on the back half of your foot to drive power through hams and glutes. It never moves farther forward than the arch.


Ditto. If it's good enough for Klokov, then it's good enough for you (scaled down appropriately of course)