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Box Squat Form Okay?


Does the form look okay on these box squats?


They're more "normal squats to a box" than the common "box squat" people refer to.

Ya need to be sitting back more if you wanna do one how they're normally done like.


Yeah, i share the same view.

I believe most try to keep they're shins atleast perpindicular to the floor when executing the lift too - look at the angle between your shins and the floor. I'm sure ive heard dave tate say to not allow your knees to move over your ankle. Honestly im not sure your rack is deep enough to allow you to truely sit back.

watch this!


Thanks, that video helped explain it more.


You might want to try a lower bar position too, you might have trouble sitting back with the bar high like that. Sounds like you're wearing oly shoes too, not that they're bad, but the elevated heel might make it tougher to sit back too. I like box squatting in chucks, but you've got a solid Rippetoe-esque squat form there, so if it works use the box as a guide marker and touch and go. A true box squat imo requires you to sit back more.


If you are using the box to simply take away the stretch reflex than the lift is fine. If you are performing the box squat to deload your legs at all then you need to sit back much more. Other than that I agree with scubasteve that you should try a low bar position.


yea, sit back more.


wider feet position.

and like everyone else said, sit back way more.


What exactly is your purpose in doing them?

As far as "how the squatting looks", I think it's perfect... But are you using it as a gauge of depth, or are you trying to do what Louie have been preaching?


quick question... when you flex off the box should you be aiming straight up or lean into it kinda shoulders first? if that makes any sense... i mean sitting back and bringing your back perpendicular then leaning forward into it?


I always got bitched at for rocking.