Box Squat Form Check

Hey, any help/tips would be appreciated. I’ve taken my grip out about 4" due to biceps tendinitis that flared up last week. Upper back feels a bit less stable than usual because of this. I also have a bit of a pelvic tilt near the hole, any way to remedy this?

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140kg x 5 (Set 3)

140kg x 5 (Set 2)

140kg x 5 (Set 1)

120kg x 2

100kg x 5

Get a lower box… also, box squats allow you to sit back farther than a normal raw squat, and train different muscles, so do that sometimes. Most of the time actually.

I agree about the sitting back part. You’ll miss the benefit otherwise. Sit back until your lower legs are at least perpendicular to the floor. As far as the height of the box, it seems ok to me.

However, it’s often recommended that you cycle box heights (just above paraellel, parallel, and below parallel). I use a box just to judge depth (touch and go), so I don’t really worry too much about it.

Oh, and there are a number of big lifters who will tell you that a box really isn’t helpful if you’re raw squatting. I don’t mean to start a debate. Personally, I needed to do some box squatting to learn how to use and strengthen my glutes, and it really helped my raw squatting.

Sit back instead of sitting down. Like the others said, you’re missing the point of the box squat if you don’t sit back. Sitting back will develop your glues and hammies and will help you explode out of the hole. This is mostly beneficial to geared lifters because of the way that the suit functions but I’m sure any raw squatter would like more explosion out of the hole.


Initiate the descent of your squat by pushing your hips back, instead of sitting down. Sit back much more than you are now, until the point that your shins are at least perpendicular to the ground. Also, pause on the box, you aren’t doing that. Initiate the first part of the ascent by pushing your traps back into the bar, lifting your chest and pushing your elbows up and forward.

Here’s just about everything you need to know.