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Box Squat Form Check


So I have been training solidly for about 2 years but have always had trouble with my squat To make a long story short, I've read numerous articles on EFS and here on T-Nation about box squat form. I video taped myself today during my workout. I'm 6'1 and I feel like the box is at the right height. I'm going to post two different sets. I'd really appreciate any help! Thanks!


sorry, the videos are giving me some trouble-i'm going to repost here in a second


here they are


Looks pretty dead on text book example of a box squat man, one thing I see is your chest falters a little bit, so really focus on pulling your shoulder blades back, pulling the bar down, and pushing you head back into the bar when you drive up from the bottom position arch hard and aim your gaze a little bit higher

Tension in all directions


Ditto this, try and get your elbows forward (ie under the bar more). You may have to move your hands out a smidge to do this, but it will help you stay tighter and get your chest up more.


yeah, i figured that was an issue. I just always seem to lose tightness and it obviously affects the lift...i appreciate the responses!


Point elbows down it will tighten back and raise chest.