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Box Squat Carry Over?


Just finished doing a workout. Suit on, straps down, no wraps. Hit 505 box squat. What would be a reasonable carry over to a ME squat (straps up with wraps). Pretty much my first day doing box squats.

PR is 570 with no suit. Just wraps and a belt


There's really no way to tell. It depends on a ton of different factors. The type of suit and the fit of the suit will make a huge difference. An old flimsy single-ply suit might give you 50 lbs or less above your raw squat while a canvas that is used properly might give you 300+. The bottom line is you will have to experiment and figure out what your carryover is with certain gear combinations and boxes since it is going to be a little different for everyone.


What is the box height? Do you have a PR with a suit?
One session doesn't provide much information to work with. If you haven't done much suited 'full depth' work, changes in groove & feel need to be worked out. Many lifters are shocked at how different the squat feels in gear(even light single-ply stuff). Assuming you are performing a true 'box squat' and not just using the box to mark depth; it will take a couple of months to really see what weight you can handle.


Sorry man, there's just too many variables there to predict a number - straps, wraps, box height, form, etc.

For what it's worth, though, my box squat is about 85% of my ME squat, with all variable being the same. I don't know if that will help you at all, but maybe it will...


Wat SRS says is spot on.

For me, I have a Metal ACE suit. I have box squatted in the mid 5's with the suit on, straps down and a belt. Throw the straps on LOOSE (as in hand high spacing) and I've hit 655 in the past. Straps semi snug on the shoulders and I had to go to 695. NO fucking way I coujld go tight with them. I've been using just briefs for some time now...I should see what I can get in the ACE now...that's another thread tho.

For what it's worth when I used my single ply suit, my raw half squat off a box was the exact same as my suited full free squat. I'd use this as an "indicator" of where I was at.


85% is a good rule for most assuming you are doing the lift correctly. I have always been more around 90% for some reason. Probably because my squat form sucks.