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Box Squat as Main Lift

Hi Jim and everybody here,

I hurt my left knee during a soccer game and was diagnosed with quad tendonitis. I can’t squat full depth, but box squatting does not make me feel pain in my knee. It is fine to use box squats as main lift until my knee is fixed?

do what you can!

Check out the article by Westside gymon back squatting. Some of the big powerlifters only did box squats till meet time. I haven’t done squats to parallel in quite a few years and found my form was really bad so I’ve been using box squats. Today was my second week on 5/3/1 and doing box squats.

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Thank you so much for your tip!

Yes. Provided you do them correctly; like everything in training, it matters HOW you do them.

They are a great alternative for those that have knee pain.

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Thank you, Jim.