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Box Squat and Madcow Question

Hi guys, I have done madcow int 5x5 for the past 11 weeks. Ive seen marked improvements 5rm on deadlift went from 330-405, about the same for squat, and bench went from 225-270. This is at a body weight of 160.

My deadlift seems like it could still improve however I think my body is needing a break and im gonna stall out soon.

How long would one recommend as time off lifting? (I also do a good bit of cardio and martial arts).

Secondly, I was thinking of repeating the program since it worked so well, and adding box squats instead of regular. What percentage of my regular squat max would my box squat max be roughly? Or is it better to use box squats for speed work, maybe the middle day of the program?



Those are pretty sweet numbers for a body weight of 160… Not bad for a body weight a lot more than 160.

Anyway, I think people might be surprised a guy who can lift like that would be asking such a basic question. If you have been going hard for 11 weeks, you are definitely ready for a week of deloading. Most lifters deload anywhere from every 4th week to every 9th week, depending on their program.

The word “Deload” means different things to different people though. Some people take a full week off and just let their body recuperate. Others do something minimal to keep their body in the swing of lifting… Something like half as many sets with half the usual weight.

I’m not qualified to answer your other questions. Keep up the good work.