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Box of MAG-10 The Destroyer


I bought a box of MAG-10 during the blowout sale at the end of the pro hormone era. Decided to save it all for a rainy day. Teh clouds are brewing outside, but I wanted to ask the pros if they thought it would still be good? It has been in the freezer for about 5 years.

I am cautious because a friend of mine is in the midst of a shitty case of jaundice from pro hormone use. MAG-10 has always treated me nice, but I wanted to know if there would have been some degradation over time, or it had 'gone bad'.



I'm pretty sure it'll be fine.


I am willing to help test them out for you. PM me.


They said 10 years in the freezer. I wish I still had mine, I bought a whole case but ended up using or trading most of it within a year.


What did your friend get jaundiced from?


I just used the liquid MAG-10 that was kept frozen, it was fine.


Perhaps your friend ran a liver harsh methylated PH and didnt run any or enough liver support?


I think you are correct about the lack of liver support. I also think he was drinking and partying during his cycle. But he is in a death metal band, and the golden eyes have been good for business. I dont think his day job appreciated the jaundice as much.


What support supplements should one take while on a pro Hormmone to mitigate the effects on the liver, hair loss, etc?
I have only been on MAG-10 for 2 month cycles before, and never took anything other than TRIBEX when coming off. I did notice some extra hair in the shower, though.
What say you guys about a short 2 months cycle of MAG-10?


Sell me a bottle


you and everyone else.


2 month cycles? I think that's not that short, it should be 2 weeks.

I just used Alpha Male, liver support and some CoQ10 - honestly, I don't think MAG-10 has those side-effects you mentioned (hair loss).


sorry, 2 weeks on and off for 2 months.
Thanks for the help.