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Box Jumps

I’m getting some boxes made. What height should the boxes be? How many?
If you have any personal ideas of how you wuold make them if you could get them made any way you wanted, please share it with me. I’m open to all suggestions. Thank you.

How high can you jump? That will kind of determine how high the boxes should be.

I think 18" x 18" is good for the base/top for smaller boxes and 24" x 24" for bigger boxes. Mine are stackable, so they have nothing at the bottom but up top they have some cross-bracing. Not too complicated, but you should have somebody who knows what he’s doing make them. I wouldn’t trust 210-300 pounds (depending on if I’m holding weight) crashing down on a box I built, but that’s just me.

A cool thing you could do that would be an ideal way to measure progress would be to buy one large box and then buy ten one inch foam mats or so. The box should be close to your max jump and then you could add mats as you increase in power. If you can’t find 1 inch mats buy 3/4" plywood sheets and cut them to size.

How high you can jump definitely determines what sizes you’ll want. I have two, 22inch tall box and a 28. Both work pretty well, but I’m not much of a jumper. However I have a friend who plays basketball, and in order for him to get a good workout he needs a box that’s over 30 inches.

I love the idea of making a decent height box and then having plywood sheets to add additional inches. I have never trained jumping before, so I have no idea what my jump is. But there is a 35" counter top in my house and I just jumped on it lol.

As for jump training, is there any program that you recommend or any resources that teach you how to train your jump? I don’t know any progressions or how to add jumping to your training or anything. Any direction will be a great help.

Also, I have been watching videos on jump training that athletes do and it seems they set up hurdles or something of that sort one after the other and just hop over them. Is that how jump training is done, and then those huge max jumps you just do once in a while like a max out or what? Because if that is that case than I might just get hurdle type things made.

Look up Kelly Baggett. His Vertical Jump Development Bible is really well regarded. I haven’t read the actual book, but my understanding is that he recommends increasing your full squat and practicing jumping.

Easier than plywood sheets is just to stack oly bumper plates. I’ve had no problems jumping over that.

For hurdles, just get a jump rope, tie it to something, stretch it across and tie it again. Usually cheap alternatives to every expensive product out there!

maybe try 30" 20" 10" Boxes…