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Box Jumping in a Powerlifting Routine


Hey there, after reading some articles I decided I wanted to start adding the Box Jump into my routine to help me build a better vertical jump and improve my explosiveness.
So my question is how do I do it?
What day should I put it in? What volume do I use? What intensity? do I add weights? do I take a bigger box? I'm really confused here so if someone can just explain the whole thing to me that would be great


This is what I do for basic box jumps.

Begin at a height that is easy and increase to about 80% of max jump height.
21" :stand in front of the box and jump on top (land softly) repeat for 3 jumps
increase height
25" ::stand in front of the box and jump on top (land softly) repeat for 3 jumps
increase height
29" ::stand in front of the box and jump on top (land softly) repeat for 3 jumps
increase height
33" ::stand in front of the box and jump on top (land softly) repeat for 6 jumps

Of course you will have to determine what your max height is. Be prepared to fall a few times. Do a proper warm-up before you jump; jumping is a violent action! Test for a new PR every couple of months.


As I progressed in height, I began doing more complicated jumps. For example, standing in front of the box but turning to either the left or right and then jumping and turning 90-degrees in the air. Also, after landing the jump isn't completed until your straighten your legs.

And, of course, try land as quitely as possible.

One really crazy progression is jump from a seated position. Literally, from a chair.


About the worm-up, if I do it after Squats or Deadlift or Power Cleans am I wormed up?
And what you're saying is to do 3 reps for 3 sets and another set of 6 while increasing the height by 4 inches each set? I can try that.
How many times a week should I do it? Once? Twice? Will it affect my recovery or something?


But how should I start? Sets? Reps? Hights? How many times a week? And what do you think of the method the guy above you offered?


Anybody using weighted box jumps with DBs ala Chad's recommendation?
And progression via heavier DBs at the same box height?
I recently started doing them. Didn't really "feel" all too useful.


I always liked seated box jumps because they're easier on the knees and easier (for me) to add weight to. My progression revolved around adding weight to the jumps instead of going higher and higher because I only had three boxes to work with and stack on top of each other--24", 18", and 12".

I started with bodyweight and worked on jumping to 42" for sets of 5, which was obviously quite easy. I then started adding weight. As soon as I added weight, I would just work on jumping to the 24" box until I was positive I could make the 42" easily. In about a month I think I got up to 40-50 pounds up to a 42" box. Had somewhere around a 28" vertical at the time--could easily touch rim at 5'9".


This is interesting, so how do you add weight? just simply holding 2 dumbbells? and also how often you do it? after squat or at the beginning of the session


Holding two dumbbells was always a pain and didn't really work when you start in a seated position. I would just take a dumbbell or kettlebell and hold it to my chest with both hands like in a goblet squat. I did them twice a week at the beginning of squat and deadlift days. Once I start doing them again in the Fall I think I might use them for the conditioning element in 5/3/1--do 15 triples in 15 minutes or something like that.


good info. thanks
I ve been doing some plyo including seated box jump, but I never tried weighted, so definitely i am gonna try this.