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Box Jump Progression

didnt really know where to post this so i just placed them here…
i have a question with regards to progressing in box jumps. my gym has no boxes but we do have two tires which i stack and jump on. after a few weeks of jumpin it i started adding weight via a weighted vest. i started with a lower weight on the vest till i maxed it out. right now im jumping onto the tires with a weight vest that weights 22lbs. i was wondering if i should progress by adding more weight via a 2nd vest or do i need to find a way to up the height on the jumps? right now the two tires reach about belly button height, just to give you guys an idea.
im doing Ws4sb3 and use the box jumps on my dynamic day day.

Jump over them. It forces you to jump higher and you can add an eccentric portion