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Box Jump Numbers


Does anyone know what is considered average-good-elite for standing box jumps? I just started incorporating them in my training, actually did them for the first time yesterday. Not sure how high it is but my highest was 24 stacked aerobic steps with the platform. I'm guessing it's around 50"-52", I think I could probably do 1 or 2 more steps from the standing position.

I'm 5'9 177 and just curious to see where I stood.


42 inches at 242 and 5'10 with no jump training whatsoever, and in a week where I did heavy squats and deads (all the qualifiers added because it's pretty poor).


I would say that, for a male athlete, 55"+ would be getting into what I would call "elite." From my experience, most D3 basketball or volleyball players and many halfway athletic guys from other sports (soccer players, outfielders, lacrosse mids) can get up on to a 40"+ box. This would be for "normal" sized guys in the 5'10" to 6'5" range and fairly skinny like most players in these sports tend to be. Most guys I've seen who are jumping a legit 30" standing vertical can hit a 50"+ box jump. My best is 58" from a stand at 6'3" 215.

Average high school male who plays a spot can do 30", that's where I usually would start people when they are training unless they are heavy or uncoordinated; then I would start on an 18" or 24" to get some practice and make sure things are safe.

For females, I would say 36" is "good." D1-level female volleyball players (excluding the 6'4"ish middle-hitter types who often aren't too athletic) can often go 40"+. I usually start high schoolers who are halfway athletic/coordinated on a 24" box and many of them will move up to a 30" fairly quickly with a little practice on the landing. Most of the middle school kids I work with start on an 18" box.

There is also definitely a skill to box jumping. I would bet that, with Hanley's strength numbers, if he spent a few weeks practicing them, he could hit 48". So sometimes this can throw you off as I have seen people with higher verts do lower box jumps than others due to limb lengths, lack of flexibility, general unsureness, etc.


At 5'5" I've hit a 48" standing box jump, how would that rate considering my height?


I've short legs and a thick midsection (30 inch inside leg at 5'10, 39 inch waist when that jump was done) so it definitely effects me! I'll be working on hang power cleans and hang power snatches for the next few months so I can only see that helping as well!


I dunno... never trained or trained with a 5'5" dude before. If it makes you feel any better, I've never seen a 5'5" girl jump that high!


Yay! I'm 15 years old by the way...


thats very good..excellent considering your 15..i have got 60" from the a 5 yard run..whenever iv got stronger in the squat i see a increase when squat is on maintenance my jumps dont incease..i would say if your squatting 2xBW and jumping reguraly you should hit 50" or more..


FFS.... what are you squatting, and how much do you weigh?? That seems almost unbelievable!


I found a couple of youtube video's of Corey Ransom (New York Yankees) doing a 60" box jump. Can't find them now, but I also found an article saying Jerry Rice's best box jump was 57". Next week I'm going to try it from a running start and see how high I get. So I'm assuming being 5'9" I'm doing good where I'm at. I dropped 20lbs from last year but kept all my strength and when I was 195 my standing vertical was about 32"-34". I should be able to dunk now, if I do I will be putting that and my box jumps on youtube (while I'm still young) to be able to say at one time I was able to do that.lol I also hit my first 400 yard drive (actually 410) last weekend. I generate all of my power from my lower body, so all those years doing plyo's and ballistics are now paying off at this lower weight.


i squat about 130kg (very deep) at 70kg BW paralell is probably about 150kg..60" is definitly not unbeleible keep in mind it is a 5 yard run up..probably about 55" from standstill..the most impressive box jump i heard was on another forum where someone said they witneesed a shot putter box jumping 54 inch but they were 7 ft(2.2m) away from the box


This might be a dumb question...but..Do you guys think box squats have a better carry over to jumping ability as opposed to regular squats.


That's a guy jumping onto a 48" box, landing with stiff legs.


Don't know how high that is, but definitely over 60"...


dont know..box squats are good for concentric power and are are good substitude for oly lifts for developing power ..i prefer regular squats for strength and olympic lifts for power..if you are not good at oly lifts they can be effective..


lololololol elite box jumps?

what's next? "What are elite level skipping numbers?"


Box squats are no inherently better or worse than regular squats for power benefits. It's a question of how you do them.


Here's Koing's bro doing 59" at 5'5". Yikes!


That's crazy, at my height I now have a goal!


Nope, the quads are EXTREMELY underrated when it comes to jumping, and box squats tend to under-develop them. Regular back squats are probably the best option for building the strength required to jump high.