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Box for Squatting

Hello everyone.I want to make some boxes for box squatting cause I’m bored if squatting on steps(it’s also a bit dangerous).What heights do you suggest?

Enterly uo to how tall you are and how low you want to squat.

Depends if you are squating to a box or if you are “Box Squating.”

Make the box so when you sit on it, you are an inch or 2 below parallel. That way, sometime in the future when you want to box-squat deep, below parallel, you are covered. For “normal use” you can put a 45 pound plate, or mats, or whatever on the box box to jack it up an inch or two.

Or you could build a couple 2 inch risers. Just 2x4’s in a square, with a piece of half inch ply wood on top. If your box is 2" below parallel, one riser puts you right there. 2 risers lets you squat a little high for overload.

Then you can do deficit or blocks deadlifts and pulls on or off of your risers too.

I dont really know about variations but just sharing what i have seen.
Most of the time i see people squatting to a box above parellel. Never really tried any but one i would really want to try would be the deadlift stance box squats

I use a large set of jack stands, a brake rotor, and a piece of plywood. Works great and is adjustable.