Box for Box Squats?

Im trying to decide if I should make my own box for box squats like Dave Tate explained (use a 2x4 frame with one support running down the center and a ? inch piece of plywood for the top. Each box is 4 inches in height with a 24x24 top surface.

We use a series of these boxes and 1 inch rubber mats (cut 24x24) to get the desired height. The mats go between the boxes to avoid slipping. This makes it easy when two or three people are squatting to change the box height. You can also use the 4 inch boxes for dead lifts (you stand on them) or if I should just buy one from elitfts… what did you guys do? What would you suggest doing?

If you are even slightly handy and have access to a power saw and a clamp I would absolutely make the boxes yourself. Another thing you could do is attach clasps (? You’d find these on a toolbox, trunk, or chest) two to each side of each box. this way you can lock them to each other and ensure no slippage.


I build all my boxes, boards, and pliths (russian word for wooden block that plates sit on for a cheap way to do rack pulls) from cull wood 2x6s from Home Depot.

For boards and pliths I just hammer or screw together the boards cut to the length I want. My board are usually a bit over a foot long and pliths 2 feet or so. The box I build by cutting the 2x6 into 13 inch lengths. I lay 2 of them “east-west” then overlay them with 2 more “North-south”. The 2x6 are actually about 1.5x4.5, so you have about a 3 inch Gap in between the main boards. If you want you can cover the top with some thin plywood.

These boxes are strong, relatively light, and stable. Cheap too. I have a 9, 11 (1/2 inch plywood on top of 10.5 inch box), 13 (1 inch of plywood on a 12), and 15 inch box. Wide stance in Chucks my 11 box gets me to IPF depth, normal stance in RDC squat shoes I use the 13.

Cull wood is so cheap I build them an dleave them in 3 gyms i train in and have extra at home. Also good for bike workstands, painting kids toys, step ups, plyos, and car jacks in many rural areas.

Milkcrate with a 45 plate or plates on top. Plastic milkcrates are quite strong. However, if you squat on them without a plate on top, the top will flex in and possibly break in time. I am tall and I find that my crate with 3 plates on top is perfect.

Where/when did Dave Tate explain how to build a box? (wouldnt mind having a look at his suggestions)

Go to homedepot and buy some 4x4s. Then cut them in to the length you want and just stack them 3 or 4 rows high. This is cheaper than buying one and will last forever. The 4x4s should only be about $5 each.