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Bowflex's Six week diet

Wow, “real” men exacting venegeance on Bowflex by bashing a stranger’s wife from behind the safety of their internet anonymity! Can’t you just see John Wayne or Arnold at his keyboard dissing someone’s wife over a disagreement about the efficacy of a piece of exercise equipment? I couldn’t either.

And for the record, it is called the genetic fallacy, the attempt to argue against a point on the grounds of its origin. There is no necessary logical connection between an idea’s source and its rationality.

I’m actually interested in the Darden diet. I’ve incorporated the emphasis on chilled water and it does seem to help. I’ve tried the Fatfast with all the supplementation (Methoxy, Androsol, norephedrine, guggul, etc.), but I think 27 lbs would be hard for me to acheive on the Fatfast. I find that after about the third week my metabolism acclimatizes and the rate of loss slows too much to be worth it, but that is based on the Fatfast which I believe is more calorically restricted. There used to be a site that showed this Darden diet but I couldn’t find it the last time I looked. Does anyone know where to find it?

A FUCKIM COW IS BETTER THAN BOWFLEX…i bet that guy trained like strong men…u know pushing things like cars or in his day probably wagons and shit…a cow is better than bowflex cuz it incorprates more stabilizer muscle(i am assuming this guy lifted the cow on his back or something) point being he used things that required true strength and stabilizer muscles…like lifting heavy objects…but ya know what doing thats a lot fuckin better than bowflex…i would go push my car up and down the street before i did a leg workout on bowflex…EVER PUSHED A CAR? your fuckin legs get a tremendous pump…I RECOMMEND you go and read some articles about strong men here in t-mag and you will see what i am talking about…later

Big Boy,

Yeah, we all know what the thread is about. Sorry bro, but to hardcore lifters, nothing is funnier than Bowflex. Except perhaps asking about the Bowflex diet on a hardcore forum! This is a joke, isn’t it? Because it’s funny as shit! You can’t be for real! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, after careful review of the Bowflex diet, I’d say it’s better than the Soloflex diet, but not as good as the NordicTrak one. LOL.

And regarding Milo (yeah, we all know the story, dumb fuck), your dad may have used a sheep, but I hear his squat thrusts haven’t improved.

“i have very little respect for anyone who bash minorities”. No offense, but we don’t really give a fuck what Bowflex-training, pussy whipped homos think! Sorry about not making that clear in the first post. And homos may be in the minority, but they suck dick by choice, and they don’t deserve any more respect than child molesters or other sexual deviants. BTW, it was kind of your wife to let you use the internet today. LOL.

“whadya gonna do?” I would say “Honey, I’m headed to the gym now. See you when I get back”. If she complained, or asked, “Honey, why don’t you just use the Bowflex?”, I would say, “Listen bitch (I’m not calling your wife a bitch… I would call any woman that tried to lead me around by the short ones a bitch. Again, you asked us what WE would do.), I’m headed out to pump some IRON because that homo Bowflex piece of shit is for fags (also, it doesn’t promote much muscle hypertrophy, as it provides almost no negative load and doesn’t recruit stabilizing muscles). I’ll be back when I get back. Have dinner ready, and wear something sexy!”

your gonna kick us in the nuts? im sure that will hurt since youve been training legs with a bowflex. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

i agree with both of you on the bowflex.i wans’t being defensive,if that is how i came across,no-one calls my wife a bitch.like i said in my first post the bowflex is not,nor do i think it would ever replace good ole iron.i think it will make a good addition to a home gym.i have spent many hours in the gym busting ass and it is not the same. my wife doesnt like going to the gym,so some sacrifces had to be made as we can’t afford both and are saving for a house, where i will have a hurtin’ room.on the other hand she let’s me buy all the biotest supps i need.see there is a method to to my madness.
i happen to be gifted in the lower body department, i swear i can look at the rack and my legs grow.in the first month using the bowflex i gained 1.5 inches on each leg,if only my upper body would grow like that.my quads are currently 26".i would actually like them to stop there.a matter of fact one of the reasons i started lifting was to correct that imbalance,as my quads have always been rather large.i only have the 210lb machine and that weight is really warm-up for legs.i just don’t train legs as often and try and focus on upper body for now.can’t to get back to the iron though.

crap I did a blank post… anywho my grandma has a farm and has cows on it, and let me just say that cows aren’t that cheap, and you gotta feed em, and pick up their poop (unless they walk down the road then its everyone’s problem hehe) anywho where is he going to put the cow and the oats that they eat in his 400sq ft apt? besides he already has one (his wife, haha joking!) and she would get jealous :wink: Then you get emotionally attached to the cow and it dies, you have a cow funeral (dinner) you cry, you laugh… aaah memories

Big Joe, are you really married? your wife must be a saint to put up with you.you seem to be stuck on this homo thing.i remember some guy once telling me that the thought of two guys together made him sick,so i said to him,why are you thinking about it? i have no respect for child molesters,most of whom are hetro.i think they should all be shot.sexual deviants? so if two hot bi babes asked you for a threesome you’d call them sick and walkaway right? i happen to work at a large airport up here in canada and do alot of hard physical shit everyday.it’s not unusual for me to handle a tonne of baggage or cargo in 30 minutes or less.try pushing a 2tonne pallet of horse meat onto a dolly with rusty jammed up wheels,and no i can’t take any of it home.ox i do have very strong legs that i built with lots o squats,deads,stiff, so if i kicked you in the nuts it would damn well hurt.mark r, my wife isn’t much of a cook,but since i do most of the eating i think that’s fair.she does have a great bod and looks sexy in anything.freebie, you’re right no room and pricey.i thought every bull was suppose to mate with more than one, but i just can’t seem to get the wife to understand the logic.go figure.i’ll keep trying.

Pnasty you just explained it to us, Your Canadian, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s so lame!!!

“my wife doesnt like going to the gym,so some sacrifces had to be made as we can’t afford both and are saving for a house, where i will have a hurtin’ room.on the other hand she let’s me buy all the biotest supps i need.” HAHAHAHAHA!!! Man, you are such a pussy-whipped faggot and you can’t even see it! Your wife “lets me buy” supplements. (BTW – Lets is not possessive, so it doesn’t require an apostrophe. Perhaps you should have studied more in that Canadian school. Then you’d be working with your brain, as I do, rather than with your body. This probably explains why my living space is 13.3 times the size of yours, and why I’m not a pussy-whipped faggot! HAHAHA!) Dude, I told my friends that, if I ever inadvertently lose my balls and EVER say my wife LET me do shit, they have to take action. So far, no problem. And yes, I’m really married. My wife appreciates having a real man around. She bitches when I don’t do what she wants, like all wives do, but she knows I won’t cave, like you did.

Oh yeah, we’re all impressed that you trained your legs in high school prior to dropping out and becoming a pussy-whipped Bowflex boy, but I doubt that your leg strength is shit. We’ve seen airport workers – most are not exactly huge (the ones that are WEIGHT train).

As you noticed, none of us care about Bowflex, pussy-whipped faggots, or homos, so you may be in the wrong forum. Oh yeah, no offense, but you’re not a bodybuilder, regardless of what the Bowflex instruction manual says (you referred to yourself as one earlier). Good luck with your succubus and your Bowflex training. LOL. Later.

Big Joe… dood settle down.

Ok, let’s see if i’ve got this right.i drop a punctuation mark so i’m stupid.i make joint decisions with my wife and don’t just grunt at her,so i’m a pussywhipped fag.how can someone be pussywhipped and a fag? didn’t use your brain on that one. so i guess what you’re saying is anyone who a) posts and/or b)has an opinion and/or c)differs in opinion is a pussywhipped fag.Big Joe if your idea of hardcore is trying to prove you have a pair by questioning if i do, while offering nothing constuctive or intelligent to say,maybe it is you who should find somewhere else to post.didn’t train in highschool,i was too busy getting laid.didn’t study because i didn’t need to,i paid attention in class.favorite subjects were chics, math,physics,chem.completed electronic technician program in twelve months.proud to be canadian.equally proud to have u.s.a. as neighbour.unlike you dirty sanchez i don’t dis someone because of their nationality.statements like yours are the reason americans are so wrongfully disliked around the globe.why is it that people with low selfesteem try to build themselves up by putting others down.big joe you sling all this crap at me and then say “no offense”, your brain really isn’t working is it? of course i take offense as i’m sure you would.here’s what i suggest.1)chill,stress is catabolic 2)shake head,may help clear homo haze from brain 3)Refrain from posting until you finish puberty and can type a sentence without homo in it 4)before posting read important notes regarding posting,use that big ole brain of yours.5)repeat steps 1&2 in superset fashion with long rest periods between sets.6)go to your room you are grounded.7)listen to freebie.8)do not procreate.nuff said.

I think it’s really juvenile and lame to call someone a “fag” or “homo” just because you disagree with them. What the hell is that? “My opinion differs from yours, therefore you are gay.” Kinda silly when you think about it. By all means, disagree and make your opinions known, but “your a fag!” [note cleverly placed incorrect usage] does not mean you “win” the argument or add anything of value to the discussion. It usually means you’ve lost the debate.

That was absolutely hillarious!

Thanks. Pansy sounds pissed. He should take it out during his next Bowflex workout! Also, if he’s mad about me calling his wife a bitch, I’m guessing he doesn’t know what a succubus is. Later.

pnasty, I give you full marks for patience. Considering the abuse you’ve been subjected to, it’s amazing that you haven’t abandoned this thread altogether. Gotta love these Canadians, they’re always so damn rational.

OK pnasty, I know there isn't a lot of room in that Taj Mahal you live in but I'll hop over to your defence anyway. Dirty Sanchez, please: it's "You're" not "Your". Normally that kind of grammatical oversight is acceptable, but since you were trying to insult the man's character and nationality, you could have at least done so in a resonably intelligent fashion. Instead you just sounded like an ignorant redneck. Big Joe, your first response was actually kinda funny in a sophmoric, locker room humor sort of way. But let's give it a rest now, shall we? Your posts suggest that you are either just very young or very insecure and narrow-minded. I think very few of our fellow T-Men have much use for brainless homophobic ranting and macho posturing. Your opinions are not contributing to this forum. There are plenty of forums out there intended to promote hate-mongering and segregation. Try doing a google search for Ku Klux Klan; there are (unfortunately) many other places you could go where your opinions would be welcome.

thats some funny shit dude

Its nice to see how you put all Canadians in one group… I’m sure there’s a word for that.

Here are ALL the Bowflex leg exercises (from bowflex.com). It doesn’t seem like Bowflex trainers will be developing strong lower bodies:

Leg Exercises Back

Lying Leg Curl

Leg Kickback

Leg Curl

Leg Press

Seated Leg Curl

Ankle Inversion

Leg Extension

Ankle Eversion

Seated Calf Raise

Standing Hip Flexion

Lying Leg Extension

Standing Hip Extension

Seated Hip Adduction

Standing Hip Abduction

Standing Hip Extension w/Knee Flex