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Bowflex's Six week diet

Has anyone tried the diet that Bowflex offers?
The author use to work for Nautlius. He has two books out about this. Basically, the diet is 1,700 Kcals for two weeks, 1600 Kcals for two weeks and 1,500 Kcals. has anyone tried it. Claims are average fat loss of 27lbs for men.
Any idea what the effects would be if MD6, T2 and Methoxyl 7 were added to the mix? Bill? Chris?

Dude use your head. Its just a reduced calorie diet.

Bowflex sucks!!!

My quick calculation (unverified) says that to lose 27lb you’d need to be 2250cals per day below total expenditure. Even at 1500cals that assumes an active metabolic rate of 3750 per day, ignoring any adaptation your body makes with down regulation. The losses sound far too high to be ‘average’, and much as I like methoxy, I’d hate to have to rely on that alone to protect muscle at that calorie level.

Bowflex: Overpriced Coat Rack.

And 1500 calories?! That’s awful low - even for me! And I’m just a whittle thing!

that wouldnt be dardin would it? his diet method is very effective, but muscle is definately sacrificed unless you have amazing genetics. and that sounds like the female version of his diet, my sister has had great success w/ it. but she is a genetic dynamo… i thought the male version had a higher caloric intake, something like 2000, 1900, 1800. i may be way off there, i dont know. my bro in law did the dardin diet, lost quite a bit of fat, but also a lot of muscle. the staggering of the calories seems like a sound idea to me, however. i think in his new book he staggers the cals up and down for a total of 8 weeks. something like 1800 for 2wks, 2000 for 2 wks, 1700 for 2, 1900 for 2, or something to that effect. but again, muscle loss would be the deciding factor, i would think. bowflex is indeed an overpriced, updated version of the old soloflex, the resistance increases as you go thru the motion. but whatever gets you doing some kind of exercise cant be all bad.


In my opinion, eating 1500 kcal a day is detrimental to your health and weight loss goals. Your body needs anywhere from 1500-1800 kcals a day just to sustain its vital functions. Now add in exercise and eating(burns calories), and you are in a serious calorie deficit. You will lose weight (lean and fatty), but you will also demolish your metabolism because it will become less efficient from the extreme low calorie diet. My suggestion is to simply refine your current diet to include more lean protein and healthy fats, and reduce the refined carbs from your diet such as white rice, white/wheat bread, etc. In all honesty, adding the Biotest supplements to an intense exercise program may eliminate the need to even diet b/c they work so well, but I would still fine tune your diet. Good luck!

dude your kidding right? this is a big joke right?..oh my god your serious! you know if you use some nitro tech and cell tech your could maximize you muscle gains while you starve yourself!!!

hahahahahahahaah…get the fuck out of here this is a serious forum and website for hardcore…go fuckin read some articles in here then come back later…peace


hey, have any of you actually used a bowflex.i noticed most people flame it. i own one and i think it is actually a pretty good piece of equipment.a replacment for a rack and weights?
not by a long shot,but when you have a 400sq.ft
apt.and your wife doesn’t like to go to gym,
whadya gonna do? not train,don’t think so.
i actually have done quite well with it.i managed 7lbs lean in 4weeks(proper eating supp),but like i said not a replacement,more a supp to iron.

"when you have a 400sq.ft apt.and your wife doesn’t like to go to gym, whadya gonna do? I’m gonna go to the gym without the bitch! What, are you a homo? You need your wife to spot you? Shit, most of us don’t train with our wives, even if they train at the same gym. Damn, find out where your wife hid your balls (probably under the Bowflex), get them back, and then get back to IRON!

pnasty? more like p-ussy. Poor (400 squarefoot apt? damn! gotta go outside to change your mind!), pussywhipped, and training on a bowflex aint no way to go through life son.

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what’s with all the gaybashing shit anyway? I mean really,you guys sound like you are about 14yrs old.i have very little respect for anyone who bash minorities,whoever they happen to be.attitudes like that give us bodybuilding minority a bad
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  1. I asked about this diet. Not the exercise machine. So for all of those of you who can not focus beyond to first few words of a posting. Learn to read and focus. It will help your lifting and your life.
  2. The diet was written by Mr. Darden and has some potential. But the aim of this post was to simulate the minds of serious T-people in a discussion of Fat Fast, Don’t Diet, supplement use, etc…
  3. Blowflex is a usable machine. It many not be the most effective way to train, but A LITTLE BIT OF SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING. Milo used a cow!!! All those who know who Milo was raise your hands. Ah ha, I though so. Look him up and while your at it check his olympic record.

pnasty, some of the fellaz in here are like dogs, their barks are worst than their bites. Most of 'em take out their aggression for being so puny on fellow weight-lifters just because they’re not making admirable gains with their neophyte routines. It’s purely psychological. They have to make fun of others because they have low self-esteem when it comes to their bodies, and that’s a shame. Gettin back to the Bowflex - it’s not the optimal choice for a massive physique. I’m 24 years old and weigh 220 pounds @ 14% bodyfat while in a mass-phase. There’s no way Bowflex is gonna give me the anabolic results I desire. Using the Bowflex will give you that tank-top bodybuilder look but will not improve your lower half. You will have a misproportioned look. For females the Bowflex is a decent piece of equipment, possibly for males also wishing to burn up some extra calories at the end of the night. The Bowflex can’t replace any standard gym out there. You really should let the wife use it and go join a real gym; your strength gains will accelerate faster than with the Bowflex and so will your muscle gain, especially quads and hamstrings. best wishes.

bigboy i wasn’t trying to drag this off topic.i did read your quetion,i was just trying to make a point.you know,do you like olives? no.did you ever try them?no.(btw i’m referring to training not homosexuality) anyway,looking at the diet in the book, i think it calorie deficient.darden calls for only 20% protien at a starting 1800 kcal.looking at some of the meal choices(frozen micro) he is aiming at first timers looking to lose weight quickly,rgardless
of weather it is fat, muscle of both.the before and after pictures are not to impressive,but as you said .a whole lot of nothing.i haven’t tried it and won’t as i think any of the other cutting diets on this site are far superior to the bowflex diet.i do know who milo is and am all for intelligent discussion.sound mind stong body.

Most Bowflex users get really defensive when it’s pointed out that a few hundred dollars worth of free weights are more effective than their $1000-plus contraptions. I think they realize how dumb it was to buy the thing and get defensive to save face. Don’t worry, Bowflex users, we all screw up. I bought a Cybergenics kit once! The shame!

As for the diet, Darden tends to write towards the housewife market these days and doesn’t care much for bodybuilding, so I think any of the diets at T-mag would work better. I’d shrink away on 1500 calories a day myself.

Oh, and I know who Milo was as do most T-mag readers. We’re a pretty educated lot for a bunch of big dumb lifters. :slight_smile: Not sure what Bowflex has to do with Milo and his bull though.