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Bowflex workouts

Alright, before i get torn to shreds by a pack of rabid free-weight junkies, allow me to set a few things straight :slight_smile: Yes, i do realize that free weights produce better results, and am using a machine because that’s the best option currently available to me. When i move to a bigger house next year, i will look into replacing it with some traditional equipment, but for the time being, i have to make the best of what i have.

Now that we got that out of the way, i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some good info on Bowflex workouts? I’ve searched the archives and read the FAQ, but was unable to find anything Bowflex-specific.

I’m 19, 6’1, 210lbs with about 25% body fat. My primary goal is to lose the excess weight as quickly and efficently as possible. Upon achieving that goal, i will concentrate on shaping my body to look the way i want it to.

I am currently reading some of the articles around here, and will soon know a fair bit about nutrition. My current diet is straight from the Bowflex manual - 1500 cal/day with 60:20:20 carb:prot:fat ratio. Short of injecting myself with chemicals, there is nothing that i would be unwilling to do to achieve my goals, so i’m open to all suggestions. The equipment i have available to me is the basic Bowflex Power Pro, plus the leg attachment.

The ‘Bowflex body leanness program’ promises good results, weightloss-wise anyway, so i’m going to get started on it next week unless someone has a better idea. I despise it because it seems too easy, but it also seems to be more efficient than their other programs, information on which you will find in the training manual, a link to which is attached below.


www.bowflex.com/pdf/ manual_powerpro.pdf

A little advice:

If you’re trying to lose weight, I’d get a lot more protein than you’re currently budgeting for. 60% carbs isn’t going to make it easy, and most likely will result in a poor bodycomp at the end of your diet. If you’re going to diet, try to lose FAT, not just WEIGHT. It’s a critical distinction, and not one that it sounds like Bowflex is making.

I know you want a Bowflex workout, but I can’t help you there as I’ve never tried the machine and, yes, do think that free weights are better. So much better, in fact, that I’m gonna tell you to invest in some powerblock dumbells and use those instead. They won’t take up much room, and they will add a tremendous amount to your workouts.

But if you really really REALLY can’t get the 'blocks, then I suggest you read Charles Staley’s EDT article (the first one) and then apply the principle to your Bowflex workout. That should help with your bodycomp efforts. Also see the original Meltdown article (Don Alessi) for something to think about regarding concentric contraction times and the resulting effect vis-a-vis fat loss.

Good luck!

char-dawg’s advice is right on the money: option A is definitely selling the bowflex to a house wife (house husband?) and buying some honest-to-god weights.

And check out t-mag's "Diet Manifesto" for things to do with your diet.

Char-dawg gave some good advice. Definately try EDT, and if you get sick of that, look into HST.

Powerblocks and a flat bench. All you need. And yes, you can train legs fine with just that equipment. Takes up less space and may even cost less than the housewife machine.

Never thought i could fit free weight equipment into the same area as the Bowflex. Definitely going to do some reading on them this week. If it can be done, i’ll sell this thing off on eBay.