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Bowflex Models?


OK I know there are a few Bowflex owners on here. I personally enjoy my free weights but a very good friend of mine is hard pressed to buy a bowflex or variation machine.

Now, I know this is the best place on the web for lifting info and insight so...any bowflex fans and which model do you recommend? Or any other multi-machine votes? I want to make sure to steer him in the right direction regardless of my opinion. Who knows after trying it I might like them too...a little. Thanks everyone


I use the Boxflex Ultimate XTLU. It is close to using free weights. The biggest draw back is that the weight tops off at 410 lbs. I am maxed out on squats & deadlift and can't go up on weight.


Even though I can't stand that Randy guy, when it comes down to it, doing some kind of exercise is better than doing nothing, so I don't see Bowflex as being the evil machine that other free-weight users make it out to be. However, I've always wondered whether would be better spent on something like a "JumpStretch gym" which includes a platform along with a bar and a bunch of rubber bands. Just an idea.


I own a Bowflex Power Pro XTL - lat tower, leg extension and all. You can hang lots of clothes on it, and they never fall off.

I bought it years ago, before I knew anything about strength training. I used it on and off over several years; then more seriously from around November '04 through about February '05. I never made any significant gains (certainly not enough to change the shape of my body), and I don't think I ever would have.

I now have an Oly bar, power rack, etc. I make gains and I LOOK different (better) than ever in my life (but still some ways to go before I post on here to ask for "feedback").

My Bow is for sale. I'll even throw in a "6-second Abs" for free (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit I even bought one of them, too). It's amazing what an FB in front of the TV can be convinced of...

I cannot recommend the Bowflex, and I feel sorry for the poor sod who will eventually buy mine (someone will).