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Bowflex Kills Yet Again


Hopefully they ban this evil machine before it claims more victims.


Student Athlete Dies Tangled In Exercise Machine

Students at Bear River High School were stunned after learning one of their star players died early Monday morning.

Justin Butler, 16, was found by his parents in his home Sunday night after somehow becoming entangled in a Bowflex exercise machine. They called 911 and began performing CPR, and emergency crews rushed him by helicopter to a hospital.

Butler died Monday morning.

The death of the Bear River student athlete sent shock waves through the school. Friends described Butler as an avid football player who loved stepping on the field and making big plays, and filled his Facebook page with messages of love and grief.

"We definitely suffered a great loss here, both as a school and as a community," said school athletic director Duwaine Ganskie. "When you saw him come off the field after scoring that touchdown last week, you just see the joy in his face."

School administrators say they will have grief counselors on campus Tuesday to speak with staff and students.


I am trying to picture how somebody could kill themselves with the cords without doing anything that would be considered 'Gross violation of safely using a machine'.

I know this is sad and all, but I think a parallel would be having someone die killing themselves with a manual-powered lawn mower; my grief is delayed only by confusion.


Five bucks on auto-erotic asphyxiation.


Yes and sad but could end up Darwin award for the year.


Lets not troll the dead now... this isn't 4chan.


Is the bowflex machine really such a bad one?

Couldnt another fitness machine have done something simmilar.

Im interested in the reasons (if any), you gents think the bowflex machine isnt a good one.


Sorry my bad.


Anyone who strangles themself while jerking off is fair game.


Yes but 16 year old boys are already fucking brain damaged I have had two take my word for it.


Well, I used to be a sixteen year-old boy.

So there.


"Investigators do not believe Bowflex was responsible for the teen's death." From the end of the article..





lol... i fucking hate the news


must have been doing some power retardation exercises.


I avoid the news. Ever notice the awful to wonderful ratio? Yeah....I avoid the news.


I almost read it as Justin Bieber. Too bad though.


it was obviously the protein powders fault


yet another victim falls prey to the deadly protein powder...


I watched the local news this morning and their top story was the start of a new season of dancing with the stars. They repeated this fact every 10 minutes for an hour.

It makes me pray for the end of the human race sometimes.


He must have been too musclebound to untangled himself, just another reason to be functional instead of bulky.