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Bowels and Good Mornings


This afternoon doing goodmornings, I was having a hard time keeping from crapping my shorts. Anyone have any advice?

I was only using 155, but I had a wide stance?


Depends on your butt. Really.


Take a shit before doing them?


who woulda thought.


Dont be a wuss.. just let it all come out.

Extra points if it falls out of your shorts.


Obviously not him.




I did after my first set. I just want to avoid it in the future.


Try doing it before starting.


Oh come on man don't be skeered- It's only 155...


One time I was lifting at night and had the runs earlier that day. While warming up with the bar on squats, I got the ass 'twinge' where you suddenly gotta clench your ass. You know what I did? I went home!


Mud Butt!


Sometimes I'll have a BM while preparing for my workouts, like its psychosomatic. My body apparently knows it's time to fire off a rocket then, to not interrupt the workout.


Make taking a shit part of your routine. I shit before every workout or game...rugby, hockey, snakes n' ladders...OK maybe not the last one.


As most of us know, when you introduce yourself to a high protien diet, there are, well, complications. I rehearse with my wife a 'code brown' drill. If I approach her in the gym and give her the signal, she stops what she is doing and we leave, no questions asked. It hasn't happened yet, but I am ready.





I really hate to go down this road......(deep breath).

Why can't you use the Gyms toilet?

(Oh man I wish I didn't ask that question)


TAKE A SHIT BEFORE... its not rocket science.


cant wipe ya own ass?