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Bowel Movement After Shakes/Meals



A different type of question :slight_smile:

Whenever I have a protein shake, between 10-30 mins later I go to the toilet for a very large no.2; this also occurs after eating eggs or after 'most' reasonable sized meals.

At first I thought it was just my metabolism, but I really have no idea.

I'd say I'm overthinking things, however if its an issue that's worth resolving then I'm very interested in learning more about it.

Anyone else had a similar issue? Etc.


Yeah turns out when you eat new food you shit out the old food your body has already processed.

Go figure.



Obviously not the right kind of question to ask in this forum.

I managed to get my answers elsewhere.



It's called a gastro-colic reflex.


so you go for a 'number two' 6 times a day lol hello hemroids!!!


So you're fine if you limit to 5 in any 24 hour period by that "logic". Got any evidence for that assertion?


Nope i just know my ring would sting a fair bit i think going that amount of times....

And yes i've been in the situation of pooping 6 times a day, Pain in the ass running to the toilet every two hours or so. :slightly_smiling:


Thankfully its nowhere near as serious as gastro-colic reflex or IBS.
Im not running to the toilet immediately after every meal.

It just struck me that for some reason it would always occur after a protein shake etc.
I'll have to experiment with diet changes, different protein shakes to find some sort of balance.


Dude, I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible to have your shake/meal go through your digestive system in 20 minutes. What it is causing your poops is food you ate 6-24 hours ago.

What does your diet look like?


It doesn't matter what he's eating. If you have some poop up there and you eat a meal, you induce the gastrocolic reflex (mentioned earlier) and you get the urge to poop in about 15-30min.

I'll often wake up and not have to take a shit, then I drink a shake or have breakfast and boom, roughly 15 minutes later I have to shit.

It's standard human physiology, nothing out of the ordinary.


the gastrocolic reflex is a totally natural event. in fact, if you don't have it, you're doing something wrong, in fact, you should see a doctor. When you ingest food, your body does a lot of awesome things, and one of them include emptying the bowls to make room for the ingested food. Shakes go down quick which means they spike the reflex quickly.


Thanks all for the responses,

I've clearly misunderstood and I also recieved a similar explanation from a nutritionist that I contacted.
While I certainly feel like a twat, it definitely feels good to know whats going on.

I appreciate the help, thank you.

Time to drink my post shake :wink:


baby wipes.... use them