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Bowed Legs


Could bowed legs be causing my leg problems? I've been over them numerous times here. Just say a new PT today who said I have some bowing.

That kind of clicked, because it would seem to explain everything about the way my legs feel and look.

Could that be the reason my legs always feel out of alignment, like the muscles aren't working right, and I always feel off balance? And that the muscles look different - twisted, and thus unable to fire normally, if that makes any sense?


I also have bowed legs. its POSSIBLE although unlikely, imo, that its whats causing problems. However, even if it was, theres pretty much nothing you can do about it (except for surgery (which might fuck you up worse for life).


Yup, my legs are not straight and i ran 2 marathons. Most people live with compensations because ideal is not that frequent.


Well I didn't have any problems until I was about 20 years old. Squatting and my legs felt great back then, aside from me being a weakling.

Can you acquire bowed legs, or some other deformity of the bones that would cause my quads to feel funny?


If your femurs become internally rotated and your knees go into hyper extension they will often present as a bow legged deformity.