Bow-Legs With Regards To Lifting

Hey all,

I have a slight case of bow-legs and I was wondering about the possible consequences of doing squats, deadlifts, and other exercises that put excessive strain on the knees. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be in serious danger of blowing out my knees or anything.

My only thoughts so far are to use knee braces although after two plus months of lifting I have no knee pain whatsoever although a slight snap crackle and pop occurs once in a while when I squat down (not during the actual squat but to, say, tie my shoe or something). Tips or answers would be appreciated. Thanks

I have bow legs and have been doing squats and deadlifts for years with no problems. Watch your form and I am sure you will be fine.

Get into SMR (foam roll) for sure. I would definitely SMR IT Band (not sure what I am speaking off just google it).

Strengthen stabilizing muscles with unilateral leg work. If any squat problems just increase the “base” of the lift (spread feet wider).

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