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Bow Legged and Knock Knees


It seems fate was very unkind to me. I have bow legs, but in turned knees (though they don't actually knock because they have three inches between them) and my feet and knees don't line up either. I usually stand with my feet pointed slightly outward and my knees straight ahead.

Does anyone have any advice for what I should or should not do with lift?


I have no idea. That’s kinda hard to visualize for me, actually. Like an Escher drawing.

I like your screen name though.

One thing you might do is hunt down the ‘trainer’s talking shop’ thread in the GAL and PM two or three trainers who’ve posted in there and get their opinions. They may not have seen this thread but most people are more than happy to give their opinion.

Good luck. Post up your results when you find an answer. I’m curious now.


Wait, are you a duck?

I’m lost too man. I can’t visualize and the details are kinda sketchy.