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Bow Flex

I know what most of you are thinking when you look at the topic of my message. “This guy knows absolutly nothing when it comes to working out”. Am I right?

Well, I would have never inquired about a machine like this if I hadn’t heard so many good things about them. I have never tried a bow flex but I keep hearing from people I know, that I respect in the way of working out that the bow flex is worth its weight in gold.

My question to anyone who cares to respond is "have any of you tried a bow flex and if so what do you think?"

You have to take my goals into consideration. I am not a compeditor when it comes to working out and I have no intention of ever being the biggest guy on the block. I just like to workout to keep in shape and look good.

What do you think?

I’ve played around on one and thought it felt “ok” - provided semi-natural resistance and plenty of freedom of movement but the damn things cost around 1K new. For that much cash you could easily get a power rack, an Oly bar, plates and a few dumbbells as well as keep your dignity.

Even if Bowflex were the greatest machine in existence that would only make it EQUAL to a set of free weights, a rack, and a bench, which would cost a whole lot less and be more versatile. Save your money and get some free weights. And stop watching those slick commercials! :slight_smile:

(By the way, anyone remember when Soloflex tried to market dumbbells? They were a flop! The sheep like gadgets, I guess.)

I think it depends on what you’re used to working out with…I’ve trained with free weights since I was a kid, and then tried one of these type of machines and it felt weird! Besides, like the other messages say, it’s cheaper and better to just invest in a set of dumbells and bar and just work out that way. If you just want to look good and stay in shape you won’t even need a bench, just do a hell of a lot of pushups! There is a cool set of dumbells called Powerblocks (sp?), and they contain up to I think 150 pds each and you change the weight with a clip or somethin…it’s totally cool-replaces all the dumbells and stuff you would buy. Check it out at powerblock.com—I’ve always wanted one!

I work out on a bowflex because it’s the only thing I have to work out on. I’m not a member of a gym because their is no good ones in the small town I live in. I cant get a whole power rack, weights, and a bench in my apartment, it would just take up too much room. On my bowflex it has the squat attachement, from 5-410 pounds of resistance, the lat attachement (still isn’t as good as weighted wide grip pullups), and the leg press/leg curl attachement. It’s called the “ULTIMATE BOWFLEX” because of all the extra attachements. I think it’s better than free weights and safer to do explosive weight training. I know because I lifted at a good gym with lots of free weights for around 3 years when I lived with my mom. I’m very happy with it. And the lat pulldown is good if you like lat pulldowns but I personally like wide grip pullups with a weighted belt. If you get one, you at least have to get the squat attachement with it. By the way, this is nothing like that piece of shit soloflex that is worth it’s weight in dog crap!