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Bovine Immunoglobulin Concentrate (delete previous)

Dr. Eric Serrano in this weeks’s SWIS summary was quoted as liking “beef plasma”. I’m guessing that this beef plasma is bovine serum concentrate containing immunoglobulin. Couple of questions for those who have experience with this supplement: [1] When do you use it (post workout, before bed, in an MRP, etc.)? [2] How much do you consume in each serving? [3] Notice any beneficial effects?

The stuff tastes awful. It needs to be mixed into your protein powders. Beverly Intl’s Ultra Size, designed by Dr. Serrano, contains beef plasma. It’s just food, so there is no special time to take it. It’s rather expensive too if I recall so you only want it to constitute a small percent of the formula. Serrano also mentioned whipping cream as great for gaining size. The Beverly diets always call for whipping cream to be mixed with their protein formulas. Also Larry Scott recommends this too, as did Vince Gironda. So those of you wanting to slap on some mass, add a few tablespoons of heavy cream to your AP shakes.