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Bovine GNRH and Testosterone?

Ok, bit of a curve ball here. So I work in the agricultural sector and regularly use GNRH in hormone programs for cows to control their breeding and time when they come in heat. As you may know GNRH breaks down into LH and FSH (in cows at least so I assume the same in humans).

So what is interesting is that there’s a study that shows injecting bulls with GNRH increases their testosterone production for a period after they’ve been jabbed.

What I’d be interested in is if anyone knows whether this would be the same with humans? If the point in PCT is to get LH levels up (right?) and the gonads producing test again (where HCG can be used right?) would GNRH do something similar? Could it have a place in PCT or on cycle much like HCG?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not about to go shooting Bovine GNRH into my leg but I’m interested if anyone knows what know would happen and if there’s anyone out there who’s got any experience with it.


No-one able to wade in?

I could be wrong, but isn’t triptorelin essentially what you’re talking about?

Yeah I’m not sure TBH, my understanding is Triptotelin suppresses Test production whereas GNRH could stimulate it - or I may be way off.

Triptorelin is a GNRH agonist, in high (and prescribed) doses it is literally chemical castration (although a few case reports have found micro doses to stimulate the pituitary just enough to pump out LH and FSH without overstimulating t (thus chemically castrating the individual), either way… I wouldn’t touch it.

So human equiv of what you’re talking about is lutrepulse, its also a GNRH agonist buuut has a half life of around 10 mins, thus it can be used to increase LH and FSH (triptorelin with its longer half life will overstimulated the pituitary and shut you down… Hard).

Either way I don’t think injecting vetinary GNRH isnt a great idea in my opinion, it’s dose dependant, there’s a fine line between anterior pituitary stimulation to cause LH and FSH release and so much stimulation that you’re chemically castrated. You’d be better off shooting artificial FSH (not that I’m reccomending that either)

Overall triptorelin is prescribed to treat prostate cancer and lutrepulse is prescribed as a fertility aid