Boutoniere Deformity??

Just wanted to know if anyone has had this injury before. 3 months ago I was playing basketball and jammed my left index finger. Just thougt it was bad sprain, the pain has gone away, however, i can’t straighten out that finger to full extension. I did a search on the web and from the symptoms and pics, It looks like i have boutoniere deformity. I can lift weights and play basketball without it giving me any trouble, so i was just wondering if anyone else here has/had this injury before and if there are any long term problems. I love to lift and would hate to be put in a splint for 6-8 wks as the treatment says. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

You can never really rule out arthritis for down the road with something like this. It isn’t a bad idea to get it checked out; deformities are bad. :frowning: