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Bout to Cut Some Weight

I have never really followed any lifting programs or used any supplements. I do enjoy going to the gym in my free time and concentrate on basic lifts (bench press, squats, military press, curls, nose-breakers)

Starting in the new year, I am going to take my time in the gym more seriously. I am going to add a few supplements, and I am researching lifting routines now.

Any advice is welcome. Hopefully I will have a few “After” pics up in 3 months or so.

Having your diet in order will help exponentially with how you look, feel and perform in the weight room. Forget supplements for now. A solid diet, along with consistently working in the weight room is how results are made.

Try this to jump start your new life:

Once your all the way through that program (plus the transition phase) you should be good to go on most programs around here.

[quote]law1984ecu wrote:
I am going to add a few supplements, and I am researching lifting routines now.[/quote]
These should be reversed, priority-wise.

Get your training and nutrition in order and then plug in supplements that can help.

Agree with Colucci. Supps are great but they are the LAST 5% of the equation, not the first. Lifting program wise, Westside for Skinny Bastards is my favorite for new ppl who already have some experince in the basic lifts prior to a program. You could also do a whole body routine, but I personally tend to favor an upper/lower split in the beginning for a lot of people. There are some really good whole body routines that I like too tho.