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Bourbon Recommendations


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Fellas, I need your expertise. As you see, my decanter is tragically low and in need of Bourbon.

This is bad for a few reasons:

  • Bourbon is a huge help in the writing process and depending on volume, cognitive function.
  • Bourbon makes delicious Manhattans.

Please help a brother out.


Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is my personal favorite. Their standard bourbon is good, too, but the Double Oaked is a little smoother if you ask me.

Four Roses is another decent option with a little lower price point.


I’ve had Four Roses, excellent. Will need to checkout the Woodford!


No sweat. I’m hardly a connoisseur, but for a buddy’s bachelor party we toured a couple of distilleries, and ever since I’ve been partial to these two as my bourbon of choice, both for the taste as well as their enjoyable tours and the fact that they’re Made In America. I’ve sampled a couple others, of course, the classics (Beam, Daniel’s, Maker’s) plus a couple others like Knob Creek, Old Grand-Dad, Johnnie Walker, etc.

Woodford’s Double Oaked remains my favorite of those that I have had.


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Booker’s is a good choice. That also reminded me, Basil Hayden’s and Blanton’s are a couple other pretty strong choices.


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Only nine characters here. How’d you do that?

Recently had a few sips of Colonel Taylor’s small batch. Mmm


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Knob Creek is my staple(best value in my opinion), Woodford reserve comes in a close second, if you ever want to splurge try any of the Pappy Van Winkle reserve.

Stay away from Makers Mark…


I’ll 2nd Noah’s Mill

I enjoyed the bottle of Four Rose’s Single Barrel I picked up a few months ago


Oh It’s been a while since I’ve Knob Creek. Always solid.


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Don’t think I’ve tried the 46, something about the sharpness and lack of a smokey finish just turns me off from the original. In fact most all people that I’ve known that do drink it have it on the rocks… I imagine it doesn’t need to be said but obviously neat is the only way to drink bourbon. If I want watered down piss alcohol I’ll just drink bud light…


That’s absolutely wrong. The best way to drink bourbon is anyway that you like it since it’s your money. I enjoy Makers as an Old Fashioned (bourbon, bitters, some simple syrup, splash of water). Costco has a huge jug for $40 which makes it the perfect daily driver.

I’ve got 15 different bottles that I am currently working on. Aside from what’s already been mentioned… Wild Turkey 101 and Rare Breed are both good for the money.Makers Cask Strength is a solid pour. Buffalo Trace is good. The Eagle Rare 10 year is also good.

Of course I’m enjoying a glencairn of Westland Single Malt (cask 242) so my taste is questionable.



If you’re going to go there I might as well mix it up with some clamato and have at it… cause its my money and all…

If you only enjoy bourbon to whip it up into an old fashioned or whatever cocktail of your choosing then yes you can get away with piss alcohol(like all spirits). The thread was asking about Bourbon not cocktails though, if you’re looking for a good bourbon you better drink it neat and if you still need a little chill to ease off the bite then at the very least get some whiskey stones. No one likes watered down bourbon…


some of the best i’ve had is Iowa Bourbon out of Cedar Ridge Distillery. Would chose this over anything mentioned- except Pappy’s.


Bulleit Burbon 10, nice and smooth


Sure, but it’s a personal preference and you can’t tell a man how to drink his bourbon.

Makers is good but it’s solely wheat based and doesn’t have rye in the mashbill like Knob does. That gives it a fairly distinctive flavor over other brands. That might explain why you don’t like it.